Jarrow Milk Thistle Reviews – Is It The Best For Liver Health?

Who doesn’t want the best for their little pooches? We all treat our pets like family and want to ensure that they get the best of everything – food, playtime, and love. 

This is why we find ourselves searching for the best supplements in the market depending on the requirement. If you are worried about liver health, you would have definitely come across milk thistle supplements. These are made from the seeds of the thistle plant. The extract is called Silymarin, which is loaded with beneficial properties that boost liver health.

Jarrow Milk Thistle Reviews

One of the most popular supplements in the market today is Jarrow Milk Thistle, which we will be reviewing today.

Milk Thistle Capsule-min


Jarrow Formula’s Milk Thistle is available in capsule form. You get bottles of 100 and 200 capsules to choose from. Every capsule has 150 mg of the Silymarin extract and is safe for human and pet consumption. However, we advise medical guidance before you buy this product so that you get the dosage right.

Its highlights are as follows:

  1. It is a highly concentrated supplement that has been formulated specifically for liver health.
  2. It has standardized 30:1 extracts.
  3. Clinical trials of the capsules showed that along with improving liver health, it boosted immunity.
  4. The formulation also works as an antioxidant and removes free radicals. 
  5. Safe milk thistle dosage would be 1-3 capsules per day but as mentioned above, we advise the doctor’s discretion.
  6. The product is not safe for pregnant ladies, lactating mothers, those who are trying to conceive, and anyone below the age of 18. If you fit any of these categories, you must speak to your doctor. As for dogs, the limit is 1 capsule for a dog between 20 and 40 lbs.
  7. It also works against fatty liver.

While there are claims that the herb helps against cholesterol, diabetes, and gallstones, it would be wrong to endorse it without evidence. This is why the brand does not say anything more than what’s proven and that’s enhancing liver health.

  • It is safe for humans and pets as long as it is taken as per the recommended dosage

  • One bottle can last for up to 6 months for a dog

  • Affordable

  • Pets don’t generally like the idea of swallowing/ingesting capsules

Jarrow’s Milk Thistle Review – The Verdict

Based on our research and trials, we vouch for Jarrow’s Milk Thistle. The milk thistle seeds benefits are many for sure and the Jarrow’s formulation does its best to ensure that the user gets these benefits. Our only peeve is that it comes only in capsule form. Many dogs are fussy about it and so, it may be hard to get your dog to take it. Besides that, though, it is an excellent choice at a good price.

Go on, then, buy the milk thistle from Jarrow’s and boost liver health – yours and your pet’s! All the best! 

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