Iams vs Science Diet: Choose the best Brand for your Pet

When someone asks me why I love my cats too much, I generally prefer to stay quiet. It’s not because I don’t know the reasons; it’s because I am unable to express my feelings about my cats. This pet can be the ideal one if you want to have the sweetest and still the craziest, naughtiest beauty in your home. On the other hand, yes, it requires quite a lot of effort to take care of cats. The primary responsibility among all is to provide a perfect and fulfilling diet. 

I am associated with the pet’s diets and stuff from the last five years. In this article, I want to talk about the same. Today, I will discuss two popular food brands, Iams and Hill’s Science, that provide balanced and wholesome meals to cats and dogs. You will also get to know about the key differences in Iams VS Science Diet. Let’s start?

Iams Vs Science Diet

One should consider various factors while choosing the best food brand for your beloved furry buddy. Start thinking about ingredient quality, product safety, costs, and brand history if you haven’t. They are some of the significant factors to keep in mind.


Protein is a significant source of energy. Your pets need some requisite amount of Amino acids, which they can get from the protein-rich meals. Protein protects your dog/cat’s body and gives them a healthy, shiny skin coat. Hill Science Diet provides a lower amount of protein when compared to Iams. The majority of cats love food, which is not dry. Such type of options contains an almost double amount of protein, and the Iams is better than the Hill’s. 


Your pets do need fat. They get energy from the dietary fat and use it even before the protein or carbs. Fat also helps your dog with proper metabolism. As excess fat makes your pooch overweight, you need to start a balanced diet for your pets. As fat must be portion-controlled, Iams Diet is better than the Hill’s Diet in this category. Make sure that your pets consume the fat in moderation.


Science Diet and Iams both have many flavors available. But if you compare them, you will find that the Hill Science Diet is winning the race here. It provides more than 130 flavors, where Iams hardly has 80 flavors in its cart. There are many lovable flavors produced by Iams Diet, such as ocean fish, mini chunk chicken flavor, salmon and tuna, etc. On the other hand, Science Diet provides some mouth-watering flavors such as lamb meal and brown rice recipe and liver and chicken entree, etc.


The Iams Diet is inexpensive when compared to Science Diet. Iams Diet may cost you a bit more for the wet cat food, but the difference in this category is not that huge. On the other hand, talking about Iams and Hill’s Ideal Balance Dog Food, they both have a difference of $1 per pound in the dry dog food category and variation of $2 per pound in the wet dog food category.


In this category, you will be surprised to know that Iams has been recalled more times than Hill Science Diet. Iams have been recalled two times, whereas Hill Science Diet has been recalled only one time.

Types of Pet Food for Both Brands

TypesIams DietHill’s Science Diet
Dry Dog Food28 recipes32 recipes
Wet Dog Food10 recipes30 recipes
Dry Cat Food14 recipes18 recipes
Wet Cat Food31 recipes39 recipes
Dog Treats15
Cat Treats2

Pros and Cons of Iams and Hill’s Science Diet

  • Iams Diet comes with protein-rich ingredients, while Hill’s Science Diet contains grains and gluten. Not all ingredients are protein-based when it comes to Hill’s.
  • Hill’s Science Diet provides easily digestible meals, while there are a few complaints regarding Iams Diet’s digestions. 
  • Iams use corn that may cause indigestion. Science Diet doesn’t contain any artificial colors or preservatives.
  • Iams Diet is moderately priced, while the Science Diet is quite expensive compared to other brands.
  • Hill’s Science Diet has a variety of formulas, while Iams lacks in them. You can also observe the table given above to know about the number of recipes.

The Bottom Line

I personally like both brands for my pets. I have two cats, and I use Iams Diet for them, but when someone asks me about the dog’s diet food, I suggest them to choose according to his breed, physique, and nutritional needs. Research well before investing in any! Or if your budget allows, try both and then select one for the long run. I hope your pets be happy, healthy, and safe. 🙂

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