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How to Make Hard Dog Food Soft? – Tips to Soften Dry Dog Food

Is your dog not eating the dry food that you bought for him especially? Well, we dog owners have to face new challenges every week parenting our doggos. It is very common among the dogs to not eat the dry food because they sometimes do not like the texture of the dry food. Also, dry food is comparatively difficult to digest. So to make the food appealing and palatable, you can soften the dog food for your little furry friend.

How to Make Hard Dog Food Soft?

There are several ways to soften your dog food. I am going to describe all the ways that are tried and tested by all the pet owners in my group. These ways are quick, easy and will definitely help your dog to have that dry food with ease.

Add water to the dry food

Add water to the dry food

The easiest way to moisten dry food is by adding water to it. Do not add a lot of water to the dry food at one. Add some spoons of water initially to the dry food to soften it. You can also add warm water to the dry kibble. Do not add excess water, add 1/4th cup of water for every 1 cup of dry food. And voila, now that boring, dry food is not that dry anymore.

Mix other meal with it

Mix other meal with it

A lot of times dogs get bored of eating the same food again and again. You can mix the dry food with other dog food such as canned food. Feeding such a blend will help the dog in getting all the essential nutrients from such a meal. While selecting the food to mix the dry food make sure that the quality is the same and the ingredients are suitable to blend together. Read the instructions carefully given on the package of the dry food to avoid any issues.

Add broth or stock to the dry food

Add broth or stock to the dry food

For making the dry food softer, you can also add homemade broth to it. Make sure that the broth is low in sodium content. Adding broth will add a lot of taste into the food and also it’s aroma will make the food appealing. You can easily make a chicken broth or stock at home and store it to use for softening the kibble. Add some spoons of broth only to the food. If the serving size of the dry food is 1 cup, then add almost 1/8th cup of broth or steak to it. It should be seen to it that you do not add more than required broth to the dry food.

Add yoghurt to the dry food

Add yoghurt to the dry food

It’s good to include some probiotics to the dog’s meals as it helps to have a healthy gut. Adding yogurt to the dry food not only softens the hard, dry food but it also adds good bacteria that are required for the gut. It also adds probiotics that help with the digestion. Add some spoons of non-fat yogurt to the dog food to make it moist.  Do not just add a dollop of yogurt on the top of the dog food, cover the entire dog food instead with yogurt so that it becomes soft.

When you are purchasing yoghurt make sure the probiotics in it are suitable for dogs. In case you see any problem after feeding the dry food with yoghurt it’s better to avoid this method.

So these above-stated ways are the best methods to soften the dog food. Make sure you don’t add a lot of liquid to it, just add it in such quantity that it helps in moistening the food and makes it edible for the dogs. You must be wondering are there any benefits of soaking dry food? Well, the answer is yes! I will give you a brief on how it is helpful for dogs in the section below.

Benefits of soaking dry dog food

  • It helps in better digestion of the food.
  • Soaking the dry food helps in increasing the intake of water.
  • It also helps in improving the blood circulation.
  • As the food is moist, it is easy to chew for dogs, and they find it more delicious.
  • It is also helpful in preventing the diseases that are caused by dehydration in the dogs.

These are the advantages of softening dry food and doing so is also recommended by vets and dog owners. It helps with improving the overall health of the dog and is also beneficial for them. If in any case, you doubt what not to mix with the dry food you should consult your vet for advice and then feed your dogs with the softened dry food. I hope this blog helps you to make the boring dry food little interesting for your doggos.

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