Can Dogs Eat Deer Bones – Let’s Bust The Myths!

Dogs and bones are the best friends. You cannot and should never separate them!

While this is a universal fact, to stay on the safe side, you should know about a few things. For example, can dogs eat deer bones? Are they safe? Or, should you just stick to the usual chicken bones for them? 

We have the answers for you. Please go through this article before buying your dog deer bones.

Can Dogs Eat Deer Bones?

Yes, they can.

Deer bones are nutritious and delicious at the same time. They also provide a lot of entertainment to dogs and remove boredom. Dogs can spend hours playing with a deer bone without any problems. This chewing also helps them keep their teeth clean. 

However, it is important to take precautions before purchasing deer leg bones. A few dogs (especially small dogs) may not be able to chew on them with ease. A few others may have sensitive stomachs and other health problems. To avoid any dangers, we request you to speak to the vet. Based on your dog’s health, he/she will suggest a diet. If the advice is to not buy deer bones, you should definitely stick to it.

Raw vs. Cooked Dog Bones 

Raw vs. Cooked Dog Bones 

Most vets and experts suggest that you either give them raw or slow cook them for 4-6 hours. Boiling is discouraged. Make sure you trim the ends before giving your dog the done so that reaching the marrow is considerably easy. 

A few dog owners also like freezing the bones for later. 

If you have a small dog, we think you should cook the bones. Their teeth may not be strong enough for raw bones. Large dogs find it easy, however.

Again, like we mentioned earlier, even in this case, veterinary discretion is a must. A few dogs will choke on raw food or vomit instantly. 

The Importance of Hygiene and Precaution

Now that we have established that dogs can eat deer bones, we would like to underscore the importance of hygiene and precaution. A few cases of diseases caused due to deer bones have surfaced in the past especially due to long bones (deer leg bones). The health problems include constipation, loose stool, bowel problems, and broken teeth. 

If you are feeding your dog deer bones (after approval from the vet), make sure the bones are clean and safe. Do not feed long bones to small dogs. In fact, we suggest you stick to duck and chicken if you have a small furry friend. Risking his/her health is really not worth it!

Have any more questions about deer bones for dogs? Please feel free to comment and get in touch.

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