Can Dogs Eat Cheesecake? Is it Good or Bad? Check Before you Feed

Can Dogs Eat Cheesecake?

If you are always sharing your food with your pets and wondering if a cheesecake is edible for a dog, then we have an answer for you. Yes, the dogs can eat cheesecake, but it is not suitable for their gut and health. Now you might be wondering why? Well, I will give all the answers to the most asked questions in this article so that you can avoid giving a slice or two of cheesecake to your pooch.

Why is it not suitable for dog?

Cheesecake is made from the graham crackers or digestive biscuits, cream cheese and vanilla extract. The recipe may sound perfect and delicious for humans, but it is a big no-no for dogs. If you are wondering why the answer is in the ingredients list itself!

  • Firstly the large amount of sugar that goes into the making of cheesecake is not recommended for dogs. Along with a large amount of sugar, the cheesecake also contains a lot of calories, which is not suitable for their diet. A high-calorie diet is not recommended for dogs as it can cause weight issues in dogs. Consumption of sugary treats is actually harmful to the dog’s health. It can cause obesity, dental cavities, upset stomach and other such disorders. That’s the reason why so many options of dog treats are available in the market with little to no sugar.
  • Cream cheese is not recommended for dogs at all, as many breeds of dogs are lactose intolerant. Their canine diet does not contain dairy products. The lactose found in dairy products is difficult for them to digest. When it comes to cheesecake, the considerable quantity of cream cheese used in it makes it not suitable for your little ones. Consuming cream cheese can also cause inflammation in their pancreas.
  • The next most commonly used ingredient in a cheesecake is chocolate for adding a sweet taste to the cake. If you own a pet for years, you might be aware of the fact that chocolates are not suitable for dogs at all. Along with chocolates, food items such as nuts, raisins and grapes are also not recommended for dogs. Consumption of chocolates can lead to vomiting or diarrhea. On the other hand, feeding raisins can be the cause of kidney failure in dogs.

Can you feed other types of cake to your dog or pup?

The short answer to this question is no; you can’t. As mentioned earlier, the large amount of sugar and dairy products are not advisable for the dogs. Be it a plum cake or regular sponge cake, no type of cake is suitable for your pooch. In fact, anything too sweet such as brownies, candies, etc are also not recommended for dogs.

Is feeding them with a little slice of cheesecake once in a while okay?

Well, it is not. If you feed your dog accidentally with a cheesecake once in a while, then it is okay. But do not make it a habit of feeding him with such desserts or sweets. I would recommend you to get a variety of dog treats to keep them healthy and happy.

What if the dog has had a little piece of cake?

A lot of times, dogs like to sniff and eat what their humans are eating. In such cases where your dog has eaten a bit by mistake, it is nothing to worry about. Make sure that your little one doesn’t end up eating much to keep the problems at bay. Also, if by any chance the cake had raisins or grapes rush to the vet as these food items are a big no for canines.

Can we make a cake for a dog especially?

Cakes made for humans are not suitable for dogs. You can try searching for some recipes that are specially meant for dogs. If you get a perfect one that is suitable for your pooch, then you can consult a vet and then make it for your pup.

Concluding Remarks

We want to pamper our little ones with all the things that are cute and yummy. No joy matches the sight of seeing your dog being fit, happy and healthy. For keeping them in good health and away from all the diseases, it’d be better to not feed them with cheesecake or any cake for that matter. You can always get them their favorite dog food and watch them being happy about it!

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