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As a dog owner, the health of your dog is beyond doubt your most important concern. It is not uncommon for your pets to have certain kinds of diseases. One of the familiar diseases for dogs is liver problems. 

If your dog is suffering from liver problems, milk thistle might be the solution for it. Of course, you’ll need to talk to your trusted vet about giving your dog milk thistle supplements. It has been said that milk thistles might be beneficial to dogs for the health of their liver. Milk thistle is made out of silymarin, which is extricated from plants’ seeds. This main ingredient silymarin, is believed to have antioxidant properties. 

Which Milk Thistle Supplements To Buy? 

Milk Thistle Supplements

A lot of different pet shops and even pharmacies sell these milk thistle supplements. Remember to buy the ones, especially for pets and not the ones available for us humans. 

You can also search online and buy these supplements online from amazon or some other online store. A lot of different brands sell these thistles in different forms as well, such as in powder or liquid and even capsules. It totally depends on you to choose the form of these milk thistle supplements. 

The one important thing to remember while buying the milk thistle is that it should contain a good amount of silymarin as its ingredient. You need to do your research as different brands have different compositions in their milk thistle bottles. 

You are confused as to which brand of these supplements you should buy or looking for the best milk thistle there is for dogs, then you are in the right place. We have listed down here 5 of the best milk thistle supplements available, their features, and their ratings as well. Go ahead and read along to find out the top-rated thistle for your pet. 

Best Milk Thistle for Dogs

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Herbsmith Organic Milk Thistle
NHV Milk Thistle
Pet Wellbeing Milk Thistle
Milk Thistle Liver & Kidney Supplement for Dogs
Best Liquid Milk Thistle

1. Herbsmith Organic Milk Thistle

Herbsmith believes in creating a lifestyle of wellness and health. Being operated by a holistic veterinarian, Herbsmith is committed to inspiring a lifetime of wellness and heHerbsmithalth by producing holistic supplements for cats and dogs. The quality is not to be questioned as its owner has an experience of over 30 years, and all trust this company. They provide therapeutic levels of active ingredients in all of their supplements. 

This organic milk thistle has varied features, which are mentioned below. 

  • This milk thistle is great for your pet’s liver support, allergy support, detoxification, for facilitating their digestion, and also to flush out toxins from their body. 
  • It is safe for both short-term and long-term use. 
  • This organic milk thistle helps to rebuild cells in the liver while removing out the toxins. 
  • It is considered to be the holy grail of supplements for cats and dogs. 
  • It also provides extra benefits to other organs, boosting the performance of vital organs such as the pancreas, gallbladder, and the kidney. 
  • High levels of liver enzymes can pose a threat to your pet’s health and put them at risk; this thistle can help with reducing these levels. 
  • As the thistle is not made from any extract but using the entire plant so this product does not just reduce toxins, but its benefits exceed even beyond that. 
  • Some pets who have seasonal allergies are given antihistamines and corticosteroids, which can really take a toll on their body. Herbsmith’s organic milk thistle can help in protecting and repairing the damage that these strong drugs bring along. 
  • This product comes in powder form and contains 500 gm powder. 


2. NHV Milk Thistle for Dogs and Cats

NHV MilkNHV believes in supporting your pet’s health and well being with high quality, vet formulated, and herbal pet products. They have a whole group of veterinarians, vet-tech, and other vet professionals who have dedicated their hard work in providing pet owners with the best quality products, including milk thistle supplements. This product’s features are mentioned below. 

  • The well-known herb, also known as wild artichoke and holy thistle, supports in regenerating your pet’s liver damaged by diabetes and also provides support for liver disease and liver detox. 
  • This product also helps in improving kidney functions. 
  • It also helps in scavenging free radicals in cats and dogs and has great antioxidant properties. 
  • This NHV all-natural milk thistle is glycerin-based and is safe for long-term use. 
  • This supplement is in liquid form and comes in a 100 ml bottle. 


3. Pet Wellbeing Milk Thistle

Pet WellbeingPet Wellbeing manufactures herbal products, which are completely safe for your dogs and cats. Every single batch is well tested to ensure the highest quality and potency of the product for their users. Their supplements provide effective pet treatment for over 120 ailments. This company aims at making smart choices and maintaining better health

Their milk thistle for dogs is one of the most used products of theirs. A list of this product’s features is given below. 

  • It is a natural and ethically wild-harvested and selectively imported. 
  • This thistle has an excellent way of supporting the liver to deal with a toxic load of medications. 
  • Unlike other milk thistles, Pet wellbeing’s thistle is not alcohol-based but glycerin based which is not at all harmful for dogs and cats. 
  • This product provides beneficial support for when your canine is being treated with anti-inflammatories, chemotherapy, immunosuppressants, bile acids, etc. 
  • It is a liquid-based supplement which is easier to give to your pets by mixing it with other food instead of making your pets gulp down capsules or tablets. 


4. Milk Thistle Liver & Kidney Supplement

Milk ThistleFour paws are one of the top-rated brands which sell all kinds of pet products. They have products for your pet’s grooming, health management, waste management and training, and housing and containment. Their products are designed and formulated to help dogs and cats to thrive inside and out. A list of features of this milk thistle is given down below. 

  • This milk thistle will improve pancreas, liver, gallbladder health, and supports proper endocrine and kidney functions. 
  • It contains EPA, DHA and Vitamin B (B1, B2, B6 and B 12) and has all-natural and organic ingredients for small, large, young and old canines and felines. 
  • This milk thistle comes in a delicious chicken flavor, which is greatly loved by pets. 
  • As a liver aid, this product improves your pet’s efficient production of insulin and bile within the liver, which helps them to maintain and eliminate toxins from their bodies. 
  • As a kidney aid, it promotes proper kidney function, helps maintain the routine extraction of waste, and thus provides support for optimum performance of the urinary tract. 
  • It also supports water balance and fluid regulation. 
  • It helps to maintain the blood sugar level of your pets within the normal range. 
  • This product promotes a healthy digestive and metabolism function. 
  • It is available in tablet form, contains a total of 100 tablets in its bottle, and is much easier to consume rather than powder thistle supplements. 


5. Best Liquid Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle for Immune & KidneySafebay provides cruelty-free and high potency products for pet owners. Their mission is to achieve a better life and well being for your cats and dogs. They guarantee 100% satisfaction, and Safebay is a well-trusted brand by the users. The features of this liquid milk thistle supplement are listed below. 

  • This potent herbal extract is guaranteed to be the best product for your cat’s and dog’s detoxification of toxins and impurities. 
  • It promotes liver and adrenal health, cleanses toxins and removes damaging free radicals from your pets. 
  • It is manufactured without cruel animal testing. 
  • This supplement activates protein synthesis and helps in keeping your furry friend happy and healthy. 
  • It is much more powerful than dog vitamins or milk thistle capsules. 
  • As this product comes in a liquid form, you can just add the necessary amount into their regular food. It is a must-have product for your pets. 


So these were the best milk thistle supplements for dogs that are available in the market. Also, in my opinion, the best thistle milk for dogs is the Safebay Immune and Kidney Support, as it has everything that is required in milk thistle. It is a highly rated milk thistle for your dog and its liver. This milk thistle is perfect for your fuzzy friend’s health and well being. 

Is Milk Thistle Good For Your Dogs? Benefits of Milk Thistle

Is Milk Thistle Good For Dogs

It is believed that milk thistle has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which would help with liver problems. Milk thistle is sometimes used to treat liver problems and other such diseases. Some of the universal health conditions like pancreatitis, acute or chronic hepatitis, diabetes, etc. can be treated with milk thistles. Silymarin being an active ingredient is studied rigorously, and some researchers claim that it is completely safe and effective in curing liver problems. These milk thistles are sold in the form of oral capsules, powder, and liquid form and tablets as well. 

Milk thistle supplements should be seen as an aid and not as a cure for treating your dog’s underlying conditions. Sometimes, when dogs suffer from cancer and chemotherapy, their livers may get severely damaged. It is not claimed that giving milk thistles to your dog will certainly cure its liver problems, but it may help in easing the pain and reducing its severity. 

Are There Any Side Effects To These Supplements? 

Supplement Side Effects

Milk thistles are thought to be generally safe, but there are some common side effects to its use. These mild side effects are usually of the gastrointestinal tracts such as loose motions and an upset stomach. Apart from this, no other side effects are found while giving milk thistle capsules to your dogs. 

How Much Dosage Should Be Given? 

Supplement Dosage

As known, milk thistle isn’t considered to be a drug, and so you do not require any prior prescription for purchasing these supplements. These milk thistle supplements can be easily found in any pet shop, and you can also buy them online. There is no standard amount of dosage which should be given to your dog, but 75 to 100 mg is an adequate amount. You can also provide these supplements twice a day, and it won’t cause any harm to your dog, so you don’t need to worry too much. However, more dosage of silymarin might result in diarrhea. Apart from this, it isn’t harmful to your dog at all. You can continue to provide your dog with the dosage for four to five months or one year. 

I hope you would have found this article to be helpful and informative and would have able to answer all your questions related to milk thistle and its benefits.

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