Best Dog Food for Older Chihuahua – Top 5 Dog Food Reviews of 2020

Rearing a dog is no less than a task, especially if you have a specific breed dog with high maintenance conditions. Chihuahua is one such bred. The toy-sized Chihuahua dog is well known for its round eyes and straight ears. They are the best choice to be kept in the restricted living area. It is essential to keep the dogs’ physical wellness at the peak and to do so, and they need to be involved in moderate exercise and be fed with the nutritious chihuahua dog food.

Which Ingredients Make the Best Food for Chihuahuas?

Unlike other dogs, Chihuahuas are a bit selective in their food preferences. You can opt for any food that satisfies their taste buds. However, make sure the food has the following ingredients, so the meal provides enough nutrition to your aging pup. 

  1. Fiber: Fibre is a vital ingredient to look for when buying dog food because they are more likely to ease food transition through the digestive system. If the quantity is less, your dog is more likely to suffer from constipation, and if the wrong type of fiber is given, it can cause the bloating.
  2. Vegetables and whole grains: Chihuahuas are energetic dogs, and therefore, to maintain the high levels of energy and muscle health, it is crucial to give a wholesome diet. If the food has a high level of processed carbohydrates, then more likely, just like humans, they will negatively impact their health. A great source of carbohydrates includes whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. It is recommended that vegetables should make up 40% of the ingredients in Chihuahua’s diet.
  3. Meat: It is essential to include a good and high meat quantity in the dog’s food. It should be the number one ingredient in your dog list, and you must avoid the meat that comes from by-products. 

However, choosing the right food for these cute little dogs can be a tricky business, as many brands are available in the market. It becomes more challenging to find the right food for older chihuahuas because of older age complexities. You can search the internet for the best dog food for senior chihuahuas, but many options will pop up that you are more likely to get confused about. 

If you are looking forward to buying the best dog food for senior chihuahua dogs, then all your concerns end here in our blog. We have shortlisted five of the best dog foods selected by the panel of expert pet lovers and Chihuahua experts.

Best Dog Food for Older Chihuahua

1. Just Food Pantry Fresh for Dogs

Pantry Fresh Dog FoodIf you are looking for a dog food that makes your dog happy as well as gives him all the required nutrition even in his old age, then you must make tur to Just Food for Dogs Pantry Fresh. It is a mix of classic beef and russet potato recipe and comes in a tetra packing. The food is ideal for the adult life stage as it is a whole food dog recipe and is specifically formulated to be nutritiously high and balanced.

  • Just Food for Dogs Pantry Fresh is ideal for dogs who are suspected of having allergies to gluten/grains.

  • It is 100% USDA certified.

  • It has zero preservatives. 

  • It has whole food ingredients and is grain-free.

  • Vets around the globe recommend it.

  • Packaging can be an issue.


2. Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition for Chihuahua

Royal Canin Breed Health NutritionRoyal Canin knows how to make nutritious food for mature Chihuahua because they know the extra small breed needs ample nutrition. If you want to benefit them with the right diet, you must choose it. It comes with highly digestive fibers and proteins that would support healthy digestion. It justifies the phrase, “Good food gives you a good life.” 

  • Best for Royal Canin Chihuahua dry food is suitable for dogs of 8 years and older.

  • It supports healthy aging.  

  • It is a blend of antioxidants, which is excellent for maintaining cellular health.

  • It is perfect for keeping a healthy heart.

  • It is highly digestible and comes with actual fiber content.

  • The mix can get a little clumsy. 

  • Not great for pups who overeat.


3. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog FoodHill’s Science Diet Dry food is one of the best dry food for small breed dogs and maintains nutritional needs. It comes with minerals, omega 6s, and vitamin E that are great to nourish the heart, skin, and coat of your little friend with paws. Since immune health is a problem with aging dogs, this pet food would be great for natural ingredients.

  • Hill’s Science Diet Dey food supports older dogs and comes with omega 3s, which support joints.

  • It comes with a balanced mineral formula and helps the heart, bladder, and kidney.

  • It comes with an antioxidant blend. 

  • It is made with natural ingredients.

  • It also maintains the skin and shiny hair coat of the older dogs.

  • The odor is not that pleasant.

  • The size of the food chunks can be an issue. Make sure you break it up for them.


4. Purina Moist and Meaty Steak Flavor Adult Dry Dog Food

Purina Moist & MeatyPurina Moist and meaty steak flavor adult dry dog food is made with 100% real meat and is perfect for the main meal. It is a special treat for your dog and provides complete nutrition. It comes in a good number of varieties to please your dog and is best for senescent dogs.

  • Purina Moist and meaty steak flavor adult dry dog food is a complete and balanced diet for adult dogs.

  • It comes with meaty pieces and real meat.

  • It can be used as a topper or snack. 

  • It can be enjoyed without any mess to ensure there is no mess.

  • It is ideal for adult dogs who need meat.

  • Not great for dogs who are losing teeth.

  • It can give smelly pop.


5. Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Small Breed Dog Food 

WellnessOping for any other dog food might not live up to your expectations, but Wellness Complete Health natural dry small breed dog food will surely. It is a healthy and natural dog food for adult and small dogs. It is a whole rich food specially created to fulfill your little dogs’ unique health requirements. It is made up of authentic ingredients and provides the optimal nutritional balance. 

  • Wellness Complete Health food is a high-quality, wholesome protein balanced diet. 

  • It is excellent for a healthy immune system.

  • Wellness offers the best support to older dogs.

  • It has omega fatty acids and antioxidants.

  • The vets recommend it.

  • The packaging is a bit unlikely. 

  • It should be given in an appropriate amount otherwise can cause bloating.


Bottom Line

Now that you have read so far, you are aware of:

  1. The age of Chihuahua affects the specific balance of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.
  2. They need special food options that are customized to meet their needs. 
  3. While knowing what to feed, you must also know what not to provide. Keep them away from chocolates, cheesecake, caffeine, grapes, and resins, onion and garlic, alcohol-containing products ad much more. Do your research before feeding your dog with any food item. 
  4. Make sure your doggy doesn’t overeat. 1/4th to 3/4th cup of food is good enough for your oldie. 

All of the dog food mentioned in this list are best for aging Chihuahua dogs, but if we have to choose the best one for your older Chihuahua dog, then Just food for dogs pantry fresh is our top choice. We hope we have helped you in selecting the best food for your pup. If you have any doubt, you can check the products on Amazon. We wish your dog a happy and healthy life!

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