Best Dog Food for High Triglycerides: Low Fat Diet For your Dogs

Dogs are the most active animals when it comes to keeping them as pets. They not only run but play various fun games that help them to stay fit and healthy. But there are some cases where dogs are lazy and less active. There are some breeds specifically that are not super active, which results in overweight dogs. This situation may lead to many diseases and problems because the fat in excess amount is harmful to humans as well as dogs.

For making sure that your dogs are healthy and maintaining proper weight the most important factor in their diet. It is very important to help your pets maintain a healthy weight to keep them fit. A lot of options of dog food are available in the market that are low in fat and triglycerides. Low fat helps in managing the weight and lowering the levels of high triglycerides in the dogs that prevent diseases such as hyperlipidemia. For finding out all the options of such dog food that are available in the market I have filtered out seven such different types of dog food that will help you in managing the healthy dog weight.

Best Dog Food for High Triglycerides

1. Wellness Core Natural Dry Dog FoodWellness Core Natural Dry Dog Food

Wellness core natural dry dog food is the top-rated product in the low-fat dog food, and people have appreciated the quality of this dog food. It is completely grain free and made with a nutrient-rich formula. It has no added artificial flavors or colors, and thus it is safe to feed this food to dogs.

Key features

  • The dog has a reduced fat formula that helps in maintaining the healthy weight.
  • It is rich in proteins and low in fats for managing the weight.
  • There is no wheat, corn, soy and meat by-products in this dry dog food.
  • It is enriched with antioxidants, probiotics, vitamins, and minerals that help in getting healthy skin and coat.
  • The low-fat recipe has real turkey, chicken, salmon oil, fruits and vegetables that support the dog’s health.


2. Natural Balance Dry Dog Food for High Triglycerides

Natural Balance Dry Dog Food

Natural Balance dry dog food is a complete diet with the required protein, fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, etc that help in improving the dog’s health and also helps in strengthening the muscles. It is designed in such a way that it is suitable for all dog breeds and all stages of dogs.

Key features

  • The dry food has balanced omega-6 and omega-3 ratios.
  • It has a high-quality protein that helps in the growth and development of the dogs.
  • This dog food also helps in maintaining the healthy immune system thus keeping the dogs fit and healthy.
  • It has multiple types of fibers that aids in the proper digestion of the food.
  • The food also contains a unique blend of antioxidants.


3. Merrick Healthy Weight RecipeMerrick Healthy Weight Recipe

Merrick healthy weight recipe is grain-free dog food. It has deboned meat as their first ingredient in the recipe. The recipes are designed to provide high levels of quality protein to the dogs. This dog food is best rated for weight management in the dogs and is the best option if your dog needs a healthy yet a full diet.

Key features

  • The dog food is balanced with the required protein and fiber that helps in managing the weight.
  • The ingredients used in this recipe are all natural and are gluten-free.
  • There are no extra calories or fat in this dog food that makes it suitable for maintaining a healthy weight.
  • It also contains the required amount of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids for helping in healthy skin and coat for dogs.
  • The most attractive feature of this particular dog food is that it contains essential levels of glucosamine and chondroitin that aid in healthy hips and joints.


4. Canidae Grain Free Dry Dog Food for High Triglycerides

Canidae Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Canidae grain free formula is made with seven to ten key ingredients that are easily recognizable. It uses simple recipes for the dogs who are very sensitive. The taste of the dog food is also liked by the dogs a lot.

Key features

  • The recipe has real meat for making it taste great.
  • The recipe has no corn, wheat or soy.
  • The dry food is made with whole foods that aid in digestion.
  • It comes with a variety of ingredients that are paired with the first ingredients such as sweet potatoes, peas, lentils, and chickpeas.


5. Rachael Ray Natural Dry Dog FoodRachael Ray Natural Dry Dog Food

This natural dog food has carefully selected high-quality proteins such as chicken, beef and seafood. It is a grain-free recipe which is combined with wholesome vegetables along with essential vitamins and minerals. The recipe uses explicitly beef as its first ingredient in the dog food.

Key features

  • The dog food doesn’t contain any poultry by-product.
  • It is also free from gluten and filler ingredients.
  • This recipe variant has beef, potato, and bison.
  • There are no artificial flavors, preservatives or colors in this dog food which makes it safe for consumption.
  • It is all natural dog food without any added grains.


6. Purina Pro Plan Wet Dog FoodPurina Pro Plan Wet Dog Food

Purina pro plan wet food is suitable for all dog breeds and age. It is made with a specialized formula that helps in providing balanced nutrition to dogs.It is 100% complete and balanced diet for maintaining a healthy weight.

Key features

  • This wet dog food is made with real turkey along with other high-quality ingredients.
  • It also has rice entree morsels in gravy that enhances its taste.
  • This wet food is recommended for overweight dogs and less active adult dogs.
  • It is formulated with rich proteins that help dogs in losing fat and not muscle.
  • The dog food also helps I maintaining lean muscle mass


7. The Honest Kitchen Dog Food for High Triglycerides

The Honest Kitchen Dog Food

The honest kitchen dog food is one unique dog food available in the market as it is antioxidant rich base mix recipe that is made with dehydrated ingredients. The recipe is also grain-free and is 100% human grade dog food as it doesn’t contain any red-flag pet food ingredients.

Key features

  • There are no preservatives or additives in this dog food.
  • This particular dog food meets all the requirements for FDA safety standards.
  • There are no GMO ingredients or fillers in the dog food.
  • One can simply make this meal for the dogs just by adding water and a protein of their choice.
  • There is no soy, corn, beet pulp or rice in this recipe.


Why Would Triglycerides be High in a Dog?

The condition where the levels of triglycerides are high in dogs is often referred to as Hypertriglyceridemia or Hyperlipidemia where the levels of fat molecules are elevated in the blood. Hyperlipidemia can be because of high cholesterol or high triglycerides or even both at the same time. In this condition, the levels of lipids are high in the body. For the case of high triglycerides in hyperlipidemia, the level of triglycerides that are the small fatty molecules that are the unit molecules of the lipid or the fat. The high level of triglycerides could be due to

  • Physiological condition: High levels of triglycerides after a meal
  • Pathological condition: a genetic/idiopathic disorder or due to some diseased condition

While it is entirely reasonable that the levels of triglycerides are high in a dog after having a meal. The levels remain high for 3-10 hours post meal. But if the levels remain consistently high, then it should be paid attention. There are certain breeds of dogs that have high triglycerides level in general due to genetic tendencies. Such breeds are beagle, little schnauzers and many more.

However, if your dog still shows the high levels of triglycerides, then I would suggest you take it to a vet because high triglycerides can be due to Diabetes, liver-related diseases or even acute pancreatitis. In all such diseased conditions also the levels of triglycerides increase in the blood of the dog. Even if the dog is overweight or suffering from hypothyroidism, it can also lead to the elevated triglycerides in the blood. There are other disorders such as Cushing’s syndrome that can also cause a rise in the levels of triglycerides.

It is essential to take your pet as quickly as possible to your vet as such high levels are not good for the health and might create complications in your dog’s health. To help drop such high levels, you can feed your dog with low-fat dog food so that it doesn’t increase the fat molecules more. There are also some medications for certain diseases that can also increase the level of triglycerides. You should consult your vet before giving anything to your dog in such a condition.

All the above mentioned dog food are the best low fat dog food options that are available easily.You can choose the option that is best suited for your dog depending upon the flavors and the requirements of your pet.

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