Are Bully Sticks Digestible if Swallowed – Is It Safe for Dogs?

Can dogs eat bully sticks? Are bully sticks safe for dogs? These questions cross the mind of almost all dog owners. Dogs and dog owners have a unique space in their hearts for bully sticks because they are stimulating, natural, and delicious. But many times, the question that pops up is that are bully sticks digestible if swallowed? 

This question is natural because if dogs chew the stick down, they can develop the chance of choking or intestinal blockage- not to forget both of them are serious medical emergencies. Now before jumping on the part where we tell you that bully sticks are safe for dogs or not, let us enlighten you with everything you need to know about bully sticks. Read on to find out what are bully sticks, how they are made, and the benefits of bully stick for dogs. 

What are Bully Sticks?

What are Bully Sticks

Now, we are going to address the elephant in the room: bully sticks are made from the bull penises.

Ewwww…. Right? 

But yes, you read it right! Well, there are various variations of bully sticks in the market and come in different sizes. So before you give these healthy treats to your dog, we have to tell you that there are other popular names for bully sticks. For instance, they are also called as pizzle sticks, bully sticks, pizzles, bull pizzles, steer sticks, etc. 

How are Bully Sticks Prepared?

Manufacturing can differ, but generally, bully sticks are drained of fluids first and then cooked in different ways. Bully sticks can be manufactured with other methods, but most commonly, they are baked or smoked. 

They are available in different sizes and shapes to suit different types of dogs, but you can indeed switch up styles and shapes to keep dogs engaged. 

Like other chews, they have an odor that will attract your dog; it can also be intense for delicate nostrils. 

Vegetarian Alternatives for Bully Sticks

Is your dog allergic to beef? Are you looking for a vegetarian alternative for bully sticks? Well, the good news is bully sticks do come in bison. These can be a little bit on the expensive side because of the supply shortage but are a delicious chew for the dogs. Also, they can have more pungent natural odors than beef. 

What are the Benefits of Bully Sticks?

Bully sticks are safe for dogs of all ages and sizes. Here are some benefits of bully sticks for dogs.

  • They are low in fat and high in protein.
  • Bully sticks come in interesting flavors that make them irresistible to dogs. 
  • They are safer to chew than rawhides.
  • The composition of bully sticks makes it easy to digest.
  • Bully sticks can be great for maintaining healthy gums.
  • Bully sticks can help the transition between juvenile and adult teeth. 
  • Bully sticks are suitable for puppies too.
  • Bully sticks don’t cause swelling in the gut. 

Are Bully Sticks Safe if Swallowed? 

Benefits of Bully Sticks

The best thing to know about bully sticks is that they are nearly 100% digestible, which means that they will quickly break down in your pet’s system. Well, there is still a choking risk if your dog eats speedily or is a powerful chewer.

For the dogs who are average chewers, the risk of damage is low because when your dog manages to break off a piece and swallow it nicely calmly, he/she will most likely digest it without any difficulty. 

This being said, we would always recommend to continually watch your dog while he is chewing to prevent choking risks. Take away the chew when it becomes small to tear into pieces to avoid your dog to swallow a large chunk. 

To avoid the full risk, what you can do is you can give your dog only a bit of his bully stick at a time. It is the best thing to do rather than giving him the entire stick and taking it away when he has consumed the daily amount. 

The Bottom Line

If you look at the giant picture, bully sticks are an excellent treat for your dogs. Feeding a bully stick can be balanced by feeding a low-calorie diet the next such as fresh veggies. You can always make healthy choices in moderation for your dog’s best nutrition.

Therefore, if you are wondering, are bully sticks safe for dogs, or can dogs eat bully sticks? Then the answer is yes! It is essential to take note of any natural dog treat or toy you are using with your dog as it can cause choking hazards. Always monitor your dog to ensure that they are chewing it safely and correctly to avoid them from swallowing large pieces of the treat. 

Hopefully, this blog will help you to use bully sticks to keep your dog engaged and healthy.

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